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Sometimes, us women over the age of 35 start to lose our natural glow, and our skin and hair begin to look pale, dull or worn-out. There’s a reason for the term “youthful glow.”

Dull hair is one of the first signs of aging, and while most of us use different elements or different products to make us look fresher and younger, having a professional hairstylist by your side is the best defense.

At PB Hair Salon, we specialize in hair coloring – but not just any type of hair coloring. In order for women to look naturally fresher and younger, we are a balayage hair salon that specializes in creating hair color that will compliment each woman’s features.

Using hair coloring that compliments your skin is done to achieve a natural look. The techniques that our hair colorists use are so important to make the coloring itself multidimensional and seamless throughout the hair.

At Papillon Blanc, our goal is to eliminate harsh and brassy highlights and deliver a softer, more lived-in look. The purpose of the hair coloring routine and lifestyle is to make us look younger, and feel confident within ourselves and with people that are around us wherever we may be on a daily basis!

When you look good, you feel good. In fact, I have women tell me after I have worked with their hair that not only do people compliment them about how much younger they look, but it has changed the way they carry themselves in their personal and professional environment.

As a balayage hair salon, we specialize in creating natural looking hair color through the technique of balayage. This allows us to achieve a natural, seamless transition throughout the hair while giving your hair that “lived-in” look that is so desirable.

If you’ve been searching the internet for the “best balayage salon near me,” you’ve found what you are looking for. We also offer balayage classes for hair stylists who are looking to expand their skills. Book an appointment at our balayage hair salon in Birmingham, Michigan today.


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