Blending hair with balayage while painting

Hair bleaching should be performed by a professional in order to achieve a specific style or a look. Some bleaching services are balayage, foiling and/or hair cap. These are a few professional highlighting techniques that are used in hair salons.

However, when deciding on whether to get highlights or not- there a few things you should consider ahead of time.

1- Hair Moisture

Hair moisture is the least present, but an important component in hair. When you bleach your hair, the first thing to go is the moisture in your hair. Based on this fact, deep hydration treatments are highly recommended by colorists and are highly requested by women who highlight their hair.

 2- Hair fibers

When your hair appears frizzy, dry, and brittle; it is the first indication that your hair fibers have been disturbed and broken from being over-processed. When your hair has been overprocessed, no matter the chemicals you apply, your hair will absorb it making it even drier.                       

 3-Hair proteins and fatty acids

When your hair becomes unruly, unmanageable, and dry, known as the bird’s nest effect; it is a clear indication that your hair protein and fatty acids have been stripped.

When you do decide to professionally bleach your hair, there are many measures your professional stylist may offer to reduce the damage. Your colorist should always suggest bond builder drops to incorporate into the formula or lightener they are using to bleach your hair.

Bond Builders are in-salon use chemicals only to be used by licensed professionals. Bond Builders are incorporated in the formula or bleach mixed by your stylist prior to application. It is your stylist/colorist responsibility to educate you with up-to-date products and treatments to help your hair stay healthy and luscious.

Please note: bond builders are not for home use or daily treatment. However, there are bond builder treatments that are sold for follow-up haircare at home. It is your responsibility to make these at-home hair treatments that are suggested by your stylist and tailored to your hair type to make a part of your daily routine. Deep bond-building treatments will keep your hair moisturized, protected, and shiny in between in-salon services.

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