Educating  my clients is part of what I do. For me, it’s so important for them to understand how their hair actually grows and the changes it goes through through the years. Have you ever wondered why your colorist encourages you to get your hair done every 4 weeks?

Well, it’s because hair grows an average of  ½ inch a month or 4 weeks. Every 4 weeks new hair growth starts to show and needs to be touched up and blended with the rest of your hair. Majority of women do not want to see gray in their hair so they use color as a tool to counter it.

But did you know that your previous color jobs can also work as a tool to camouflage the new growth when it comes in? Majority of my clients book every 4-6 weeks and meanwhile their new growth blends in so well that in some cases it’s hard to tell if they even have new hair showing.

But what’s the trick?

  1. Add Balayage Highlights. Adding balayage to your base color makes a huge difference. Whether you are a brunette or a blonde, adding natural looking highlights to your base color will camouflage your hair with its natural color so when it starts to grow it is not a major difference. Adding highlights is one thing, however, what is most important in camouflaging your new growth is the amount of the highlights one puts in the hair. What do I mean with that? For example, a woman with 10% gray should have 10% highlights and a woman with 50% gray should be 50% highlights. So your hair colorist should create your highlights in a way that it blends in with your natural hair. However, when a woman that has more than 50% gray in their hair then your colorist should be able to create your color in a way that you don’t have to put too many highlights on. Tip: Highlighted hair together with hair coloring should not have more than 50% highlighted hair. After all, they are called highlights and not high lift…
  2. Zig-zag your part.  Zig-zagging your part not only will confuse the eye but it does give volume to the top of the hair. This helps hide new hair growth. On top of that, voluptuous hair is a great tool for feeling youthful and confident! 
  3. Use Eyebrow Shadow. When you go to your favorite beauty store and get your shadow that matches your eyebrows, I suggest you invest in a eyebrow shadow that matches your root color. It is the easiest and most effective way to cover these stand out roots. One thing I like about eyebrow shadows is that they are very safe, affordable, and effective. Woman with blonde hair that have dark roots can also use dry shampoo. I find dry shampoo to be very effective in these cases.


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