In today’s ever-growing hair industry, there is always room for stylists and new techniques. By 2020, the hair industry is expected to be worth 62 billion dollars and rising. While there is room for new hair salons, owning and operating a successful hair salon can become quite overwhelming and even intimidating if you are starting from scratch… By joining the PB Salon Franchise, your dream of owning your own salon is much closer than you think!


Before you can jump right into a hair salon franchise, you need to look inward. Be ready to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you ready to be your own boss? What are you trying to accomplish by owning your own business? Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in a promising business? Are you a master stylist following your heart? Take more than just a step back and really figure yourself out because we have done the rest for you!


1 There is no business like your OWN business –

YOUR own business, with YOUR own rules! You are your own boss! Your success will depend on what YOU make of it. You get to skip the worries and risks of starting a new business. You don’t even need to waste time coming up with your own business plan and nitpicking all of the small but important details needed to successfully run a hair salon. PB Salon Franchise provides franchisees with a proven model for you to follow.

2 Turnkey business –

You don’t have to be a marketing expert or try to reinvent the wheel in order to own your own hair salon. Carefully curated to ensure salon success, the PB Salon Franchise package comes equipped with all the bells and whistles for your new hair salon ownership. Since we took care of all the heavy lifting (startup phase), all you have to do is focus on what you love (AKA Hair!) and good customer service.

3 Expand your skillset  –

Working in such a competitive industry, it is not easy to blend in and make your own success. Luckily, PB Salon Franchise’s CEO and creator, @balaygangsta is also an educator who teaches her own balayage workshops around the U.S. Being detail oriented, @balaygangsta loves educating other stylists on new and upcoming hair trends and techniques. Franchisees will be given the opportunity to expand their skills through hands-on training sessions with @balaygangsta so you can offer your clients the best of the best in hair services!

4 Support for each franchisee –

A PB Salon Franchise field consultant is a resource that the salon owner can use to their advantage to ensure that their business is successful and always making improvements. Our field consultant is not a supervisor to you (as the boss and owner) and they are not a supervisor to your salon staff. Once you join the PB family, our franchise field consultant can help with things such as set up, branding, introduction assistance, grand opening guidance, and the like. The franchise field consultant will conduct quality training for you (the owner) and your employees when we make an upgrade or advancement within our franchise. 

5 Well-defined processes and reordering system –

Because there is such a high demand for our services, PB Salon Franchise has developed and refined our business model for efficient flow of salon operations. 

6 Easy Replication – 

PB Salon Franchise has designed training manuals that fully prepare you, your hair stylists, and all salon staff for success. Once you become a part of the PB family, you will be connected with resources, strategies and power moves making it easy and convenient for replication. Franchisees will also get a walk-through of our financial structure that maximizes mutual profitability. 

What sets PB Salon Franchise apart from other salon franchises? 

The PB Salon Franchise is very unique, in that we offer a full service salon, specializing in our own balayage technique.

Though our services are in high-demand, PB Salon Franchise stays current while making room for new products, services, and treatments to continuously grow the business.

We offer annual memberships to our clients, alongside reward programs, that benefit us and our clients.

The PB Salon atmosphere is one that is unmatched; fun, cozy, relaxing, and accommodating to all of our clients.  

If you are ready to make your dreams come true and take the hair industry by storm with PB Salon Franchise, please contact us by email at

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