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At Papillon Blanc Hair Salon, we specialize in hair coloring and use the balayage technique as a complete performance. Our team focuses on delivering an overall look instead of a single service by incorporating different elements of hair care.


Our Story

Before I decided to attend Beauty Academy of Ann Arbor, I was debating going to school for interior design. I was curious about the chemistry of hair. I wanted to know the ins and outs of hair chemistry, hair growth, and the changes that hair goes through from person to person.

Because hair is so important to me, I decided to take beauty and hairdressing to a different level and graduated from Beauty Academy.

After being in the industry for over a decade, I have acquired much knowledge about hair. Being able to determine which hair color suits each person, and being able to duplicate each hair color has become so natural to me.

However, during my hair journey, I realized the most important part of working behind the chair is that being who you are is the key component of doing what I love.

To me, it’s not just about doing hair. It’s about achieving each customer’s desire in a way that is so valuable to them. Hair is so personal; my goal is to make every person feel the best they possibly can.

There is a certain confidence that becomes part of a person’s attitude when one likes the way they look. I have had women tell me after services that it has changed the way they walk or behave when their hair looks good. That is so rewarding to me.

By opening Papillon Blanc, I get to experience this bliss every day and help more and more people gain the confidence they need to feel amazing.

Additional Information

How to know if you received a true balayage service: 

Let me explain what TRUE balayage is. Note that this does not mean we are against foils. There is room for foils and foils too have their beauty when used correctly. However, foils give different results from balayage, which is why we use true balayage techniques at our hair salon.

True balayage is when lightener is painted on the surface of the hair and dried out naturally without any forced air, or without any coverage. True balayage is left on the hair to dry because when it dries out it stops to work. This allows for your hair to reveal it’s true secondary colors, without forcing your hair to be a color it does not naturally want to be. This technique also promotes the healthiest way to lighten your hair, being that we don’t use high heat to stress the hair. 

With balayage, these secondary colors are subtle and natural. This is unlike highlights with foils where hairdressers wrap the hair and apply forced heat to the hair. After repeated foil treatments, this combination of bleach and heat can actually destroy the hair, leaving you with dry, brittle strands.

Balayage is all about looking natural. Even the balayage application is done in a natural way by “painting” sections of hair with lightener. This allows for a seamless transition between your natural hair color and the balayage hair.

What is Balayage? 

Balayage, by definition, is a highlighting technique in which the bleach is painted on in such a way which creates a graduated, natural-looking effect. This technique does not include the use of foils. After balayage is applied, it dries out after a certain time and stops working. Once it is dry, it no longer lightens the hair or damages. This being it only lightens the hair to the lightest level before hair breakage begins.

Balayage vs. Ombre

These two terms are often confused. The way that we explain the difference is that balayage is a highlighting technique used on the surface of the hair, and ombre is the style that can be created with this technique. 

The word “balayage” translates from French as “to sweep or paint”. Ombre on the other hand, translates to “shaded”. Ombre is the look of darker roots that fade beautifully into lighter ends, and balayage is the technique used to achieve this look.

Balayage History

Balayage was originally invented in France in mid-1960s. However, it has been reinvented in the United States the last 8-10 years. The idea has remained largely the same, yet the technique has been refined to achieve the best possible look while maintaining the health of the hair. When I first did balayage, I was in school and professionally practiced it seven years ago. The original technique involved backcombing the hair before we painted it. Today, balayage is more sophisticated, allowing us to do more with this beautiful technique. Balayage is nothing new in the industry. In fact, all beauty school students that learned the basics of color in school should have learned the basis of balayage too. However, balayage in schools is not practiced much, especially in our area. After balayaging hair began to gain popularity, the practice of this technique increased mostly in Hollywood and big cities, but slowly has grown in other states. It got popular in Michigan throughout the last 2-4 years. Because of this, many Michigan hair stylists have not had proper training in balayage technique. To help our fellow hairdressers, Papillon Blanc Hair Salon offers three levels of balayage classes in order for local hair stylists to refine their skills.

What is Our Specialty

Did you know that we are one of the first salons in Birmingham, MI that specializes in balayage? While there are stylists and colorists that use balayage regularly, every hair stylist in our salon specializes in this technique, and we are trained from the same principles and same rules of balayage applications.

When we hire new hair stylists at Papillon Blanc, we go through education and training that owner, Eda, and the team have put together. Eda has practiced these techniques and principles of balayage and hair color throughout her whole hair salon experience, and we all perfect it under the same principles. This means that regardless of which talented stylist you receive your salon hair care from, you know that they are using the best practices in balayage to give you consistent, beautiful results every time you enter the salon.

After the completion of training, members of our staff are titled Papillon Blanc Colorists, a true #balayagezilla. It means that they truly understand balayage inside and out as well understanding how hair reacts to color.




FAQ: If I balayage my hair, do I have to color it first?

Balayage is a complementary element that we use with hair coloring. Without color, balayage would not be as bold or interesting. It would only be two-dimensional. For example, when balayaging  a hair that is virgin light brunette without any deposited existing color or toning, the hair would only look two dimensional. There might be some natural lighter strands or some gold highlights that appear, but there would not be any caramelization in the hair. Caramelization happens when hair that has been previously tinted, toned, and colored has balayage applied after or during color process. These deposited colors make the whole difference when we use balayage and help to create the beautiful looks you can see in our look book.

Color without balayage or balayage without color would be like a missing ingredient on butter and jelly toast. You would still have some taste without one ingredient, but not the full flavors when used together.

FAQ: How often do I need to retouch my hair? 

Balayage is a low maintenance hair service. We always recommend you start with a full balayage and then retouch with a partial every 8-12 weeks.

If you are retouching root color, we recommend a retouch every 4-6 weeks, variable on how fast your hair grows.

FAQ: When I get hair done and color does not appear as I want, but I leave the salon without mentioning anything to salon staff anyway; Do I still get charged when I schedule additional services so I can get the look I want? Do I still get charged even though it was not what I wanted the first time?

Yes. If you leave the salon without mentioning your dissatisfaction to the salon staff for services on the  same day you  get your hair day done, we assume that you are happy with the results. When booking on a different day for the same or  added services, you will be charged for the services received. There are a few factors involved, that not all customers know about; when calling on a different day to get additional or same services done.

1- Time- Stylists take that time blocked to serve customers that need services done and time is money.

2- Formula- Formulating is an art and science, stylist will need to think and rethink to accommodate your taste so you love your look.

3- Chemical- Chemical products that are included in the formulating procedure are a cost.  These chemicals the business pays to have it available for stylists to use  when needed.

How to avoid extra cost:

Please let us know before you leave the salon and be specific with your stylist  about your likes or dislikes this ensures there is no  mis-communication between client and stylist.


FAQ: Does the salon offer perks for their customers?

Of course! We appreciate our clients and we show our gratitude in a few different ways.

Membership Program has many discounts and perks click HERE to read more about our Membership Program

Referral Program refer a friend or family member and we will email you Gift Card up to $40 off your next service! That easy. Just make sure they mention your name when coming in to their appointment.


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