Balayage Technique Class




Advanced balayage course





What is balayage?

What is the difference between balayage and other highlighting techniques?

What is the difference between balayage bleach and foil bleach?

How to mix balayage the correct way

How to hold your tools

Body position + How to hold the hair while balayaging

How to apply V-Sections

How to apply Y- Sections

How to create Foilage

Mistakes to avoid with balayage

how to incorporate balayage for gray coverage,

balayaging the dark halo around the hair line

getting maximum lift techniques,

avoiding orange and hot color lifting

avoiding spotting



Advance balayage class $250 (free 1 hour class to students), 3 hour class:

With the increasing popularity of balayage over the last few years, it is no surprise that hair stylists everywhere are looking to expand their skillset to include this beautiful technique. During this four-hour class at Papillon Blanc Hair Salon, you will learn about balayage theory, how to section and how to apply balayage in the proper manner. Basics of how to balayage offers the foundational information needed to advance and master your skills. This hair styling technique class is designed to help you, so you should feel free to ask questions during the class.



You will learn how to do looks such as creating balayage ombré, multi-dimensional and sun-kissed with advance techniques of blending, melting, and root-out strands. Most importantly, you will learn to apply balayage where it stands out most and learn areas to avoid and how to analyze hair before starting by finding strands to look for and strands to ignore. Throughout this course and others, you will learn how to balayage short hair and long hair, create a sun-kissed blonde balayage or learn how to balayage dark hair for a natural look.




With these classes, you will acquire all the knowledge to start and successfully finish balayage application like a professional. Once you have completed the course you will receive a certificate to show that you have put in the time and effort it takes to become a balayage master.



Skills you will acquire after completing our workshop 


Mastering of Balayage technique  

Avoiding orange when lifting 

Avoid spotting 

Learn maximum blonding technique



Call to schedule a one to one class.





$425 a session one to one class

$250 a session minimum of 3 students

$150 per person registration fee




1-10 students per workshop session



Tools Needed: Bolly brush, mannequin with tripod, reservoir, towels, bleach, 4 clips, blow dryer, round brush, flood brush, gloves, apron, notebook, and pen


For more information, call 248-385-1227 or E-mail

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