5 Most important fundamentals when you are balayaging are :

Based on my experience when I train stylists and teach my students  my 101 Balayage Class,  the same technique I teach will look different from one stylist to another.
So don’t try to copy someones work. Instead use that someone’s work as a guideline to achieving your own.

All stylists have their own personality and style which very much reflect their each own style and work.

The same is true when hair cutting. You can very much tell the difference when one stylist does the cut vs the other one.



We have all heard that consistency is key basically in all things and aspects of life. The same is true when balayaging.


You will need to perfect consistency on stroking  and consistency on product application.

Use the same speed and the same hand pressure when blending with balayage.

And use the same speed and the same hand pressure when saturating with balayage


When creating seamless blending use faster and lighter strokes.

When you are saturating, or lifting use deeper, longer,  harder and slower strokes.

When you are blending and saturating use lighter bleach consistency .

When lifting (with no gold)  use thicker bleach consistency

Balayage is a dynamic application. The way it is when you apply it,  will be the same way when you see at as a finished look.


Application timing and processing timing are both just very important.  As I mentioned above balayage is an art , yes it is true , however you can NOT stop it to continue later. Neither can you take a long time to finish it. Bleach is working the moment you apply it on hair. So focus to create some application speed


Balayage requires some speed that you will need to adapt to. When I am teaching balayage see balayage class details here  I tell my students to focus and be mindful with a clear mind when balayaging. Busy mind will take a longer time to finish. So keep focus to better your timing.

You will need to apply an even application throughout hair.

Application time should not be more than 30 minutes.

Process application should be between 25 and 50 minutes depending on the level of lift.

Remember that you are using higher peroxide strength which means that you will need to work faster and keep an eye on your customers hair.


3- peroxide strengths.

As far as how strong should you mix your lightener,  I suggest you follow product instructions int the back of the product  however

Thinner mixing will allow you to blend better because you are able to control the product better.

Thicker consistency is used for lifting.

Here is a way to test if you have the right consistency for product mixing

If you are able to move the lightner with your brush you will be using  back and forth it’s a good indicator that you have the correct mixing.

Avoid mixing too thin. When product is to thin or watery you are increasing the chances of product dripping which creates spotting.

Also i tell my students to avoid to mix too thick as well.

When product is too thick you will have a hard to applying an even consistency. You might experience the product to clutter  in different areas of each hair strand which again you might have a better chance to have an uneven application which could lead to spotting.


At salon we keep different kind of shapes and brush sizes.  Brushes come in different shapes and sizes for different results. So picking the right brushes it is so important.

For a better blending use a brush with softer bristles. Softer bristles help you create blending better also faster.

For saturation use a brush that has a stronger bristles. Brushes with stiff bristles that are strong enough to support the full saturation.

TIP-Also brushes that are stiff are better  to use for precise application such as foliage ( what I call at salon, foliage is a balayage technique that is applied in such a way that results will look the same as you applied  foiling system. It mimics foiling) 

5-Body positioning

I tell my staff all the time. If you are planning to do hair for a long time and planning to be the best you can possible with your craft, you will need to understand the importance of the body positioning. During our training sessions at salon i teach my stylists to make sure to  not bend your back forward trying to level. Instead band your knees keeping your back straight. This is good for 3 health reasons.

a-It will increase your leg muscles.

b- keeps your back healthy

c-improves your focus.

Trust me when you are bending your knees and balayaging you will feel your muscles burning which will also improve your focus and working faster with your timing.


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