Balayage for beginners


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Date and Time 

Monday, February 16 /2020 11 am-5 pm

Monday, March 23 /2020 11 am-5 pm

Monday, April 6 /2020 11am- 5pm

Location 730 N Old woodward, Birmingham MI 48009

To register $75 non refundable deposit is required. Sign up NOW for any of these dates to get the discounted price. Sale ends soon!!


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Who Is This Workshop For?

Have you ever used balayage on a client and you hated the results when you finished?  You felt like you had too much orange,  application was uneven and it did not look like you envisioned it?

Immediately after this happened  you felt really down and without confidence ?


Years ago when  I was starting out this happened to me. After some trial and error. I finally understood how to use balayage in a way that I can mimic any look that a client  requests with clean, predictable results. I have put this knowledge in a class which I call it Balayage 1-2-1 workshop.

I provide the understanding of balayage techniques in depth. I explain  in detail how to avoid unwanted orange, how to get bright blonde highlights, how to avoid spotting, and how to cut your application time in half.

I also educate how to achieve predictable results for each client every time!

This will allow you to be an expert with your craft, upgrade your services and increase your business sales . It is really easy to register. Our system allows you to register online with a downpayment of $75


Bakayage Workshop is a small class limited to a capacity of 1-10 people per Workshop.

Which makes it great for an intimate one to one  learning, allowing you to understand the details and apply the techniques that are needed to succeed.


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I offer on sight  hands on approach and it is run out of our location in Birmingham or can be hosted at your salon

Whether you are a student or just beginning to enter the wold of balayage and want to enhance your skills and knowledge  to be the best you can possible be, the education that I provide in this workshop is game changing!

When completing the Workshop you will receive a balayage booklet handout as a reference source. It is provided with valuable information . And you will receive a certificate of completion 🙂


I love when my students contact me days after, to tell me about how they have been achieving high highlights without any spots or any unwanted orange in the half  the time with exceptional results.


We absolutely love what we do.  <3 Hope to see you in class <3

This is for you if you 

✅Are still not getting balayage results you are hoping for. Whether is uneven results or too orangey 


✅Not sure to determine balayage placement and elevation  


✅You want to understand balayage in deeper level 


✅You are willing to follow instructions 


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My Balayage Journey. How it all started 🙂


Some of you might find this hard to believe, but there was a time when I thought I knew everything I needed to create or replicate any hair color that clients showed me pictures of. Of course, I might have been naive. I had years of experience under my belt and many successes.

That all changed with balayage and lived in looks got popular.

I discovered that there were so many things that I did not know or had to learn. I felt overwhelmed, but I discovered I had to do something productive about it. I started to practice on mannequins, watch youtube tutorials, whatever was available then. I was curious finding out about the latest balayage knowledge and trends. Creating balayage looks, testing them out, not on paying customers, but mannequins, ( i even practiced on my dog’s with funny colors 😉 . It made me feel like a student again. And I love that !

Hi, I am Eda Motchka, some people like to call me @balaygangsta. I am an advanced hair colorist, balayage instructor, stylists coach  and salon owner in Birmingham Michigan

Welcome to 101 Balayage Class/Workshop. In this  workshop you will learn how to identify and leverage balayage and create any look that you will need to in any given situation from your client ’s requests.

I will provide you with high-level concepts necessary to adopt a mindset of advance colorist and methodology behind it.

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