Whether you’ve been dying your hair since middle school or have never set foot in a professional color salon, you are likely curious about balayage. It is a word that has been thrown around in the hair world, and today we are answering some of your most burning questions about this amazing hair painting technique. Keep reading to learn more about balayage, and be sure to book an appointment at our balayage hair salon to experience the full potential of your hair

What is balayage?

Balayage refers to a French coloring technique that involves painting sections of hair by hand. Your stylist will take small sections of hair and paint them with a lightening product. This product will only lighten your hair so much, and stops working after it dries. This ensures your hair lightens evenly from the first section to the final pieces and prevents prolonged damage that can occur with regular dyes and bleaches. In contrast to traditional highlights, balayage looks more natural and does not involve the use of foils.

How is balayage different from highlights?

Traditional highlights and hair coloring are much less customizable. You have likely experienced a hair stylist grab a section of hair, use the pointy end of a comb to weave in and out and collect every-other-section within the first big section, apply dye to the pieces, and wrap it tightly in a foil. This is a routine way to highlight hair, and it does not allow for any sort of custom application. When you get balayage, your hair stylist will examine the shape of your face, the length of your hair, and consider your desired effect as they pick and choose which sections to apply lightener to, how close to the root to apply, and determine how that specific piece will work with the overall flow of your hair.

In reference to the first question, balayage also does not use foils. It also does not force your hair to become a color it does not want to be, making it the least damaging method to lighten your hair.

Is balayage the same thing as ombre hair? What about sombre?

Ombre and sombre hair are both results that can be achieved using a balayage or smudging technique. The main difference is that a balayage look typically appears to be more natural, whereas an ombre effect creates a more obvious transition from one color to another, usually around the middle of the head.

How often do I need to get my balayage touched up?

As often or as little as you’d like! The beautiful thing about balayage is it has a natural “grown out” look. It truly depends on where you want your balayage to start. If you like the painted pieces to be close to your roots, you will need more frequent touch ups than someone who likes their light pieces to start further down, then you can go longer between touch ups. However, one thing to keep in mind is if you like your hair to be ashy or cool in tone, you might need to stop by for a toner every month or so to keep your pieces from turning brassy.

Can girls with short hair get balayage?

Yes! If you hop on Instagram or Pinterest and look for pictures of balayage hair, you will likely be met with thousands of images of women with long, perfectly wavy hair. However, balayage works just as well on a pixie cut as it does on waist-length hair. Check out the Papillon Blanc Instagram page and you’ll see what we mean!

Do I need to find salons that do balayage near me? Or can I go to any old hair salon in Birmingham?

Because balayage is a relatively new trend, many hair stylists have not been trained in the art — and trust us, it is an art. At PB Salon, all of our stylists have gone through rigorous training to ensure they have perfected the art of balayage. While it may seem like simply painting sections of hair, there is a lot of technique that goes into making sure the final product looks spectacular and not like grown-out tiger stripes. Our color specialists can also ensure your new color complements your skin tone and expertly frames your face. If you are looking for above and beyond balayage services, we suggest choosing a balayage salon like ours or asking your stylist what type of balayage training he or she has received.

Want To Know More About Balayage? Ask The Experts!

Our hair salon is always happy to answer your questions about balayage. For those wondering if balayage will work for you, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation where you can show us exactly what you want, and our stylists will let you know what steps we need to take to achieve it. Give us a call at (248) 385-1227 or schedule an appointment online!

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