Look-Book Package $195

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Icy Blonde 1

Natural Blonde 2

Caramel Blonde 3

Deep Caramel Blonde 4

Vanilla Ice Cream Blonde 5

Vanilla Blonde 6

Buttery Gold Blonde 7

Vanilla Twist Blonde 8

Chocolate Late Blonde 9

Caffe Late Blonde 10

Peanut Butter Blonde 12

Strawberry Blonde 14

Balayage Look-Book Package

1-Coloring Treatment,

1-Balayage Treatment, 

1-Conditioning Treatment,

1-Toning Treatment,

1 Trim & Style  

Originally $350

  NOW $195  


We are incredibly proud of the looks we have put together. Both stylists and guest can see in advance the same vision of the desired hairstyle that can be done on our customers as well!

Take a look at our Balayage Look Book Collection below and choose the style that you would like most on your hair.  In order to get results that most accurately replicate your desired Look, we highly recommend doing the full Look Book package.



Chocolate Vanilla Brown 31

Buttery Chocolate Brown 32



Before Look-Book was created, guests would spend time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at pictures of balayage hair and wonder if their hair can ever look like that. Thankfully, after creating the look book (which includes multiple service) it became more clear to Papillon Blanc Salon  customers that we specialize in balayage and hair color.

A note from PB: 

  • In order to accurately replicate your desired look, we highly recommend a full Look Book package. Balayage looks best on an even base tone, this being why we apply an all over color prior to the balayage.
  • An exact replication isn’t guaranteed due to different natural hair levels, textures, and undertones.
  • Look Book works best on same level hair or virgin hair.
  • If desired look is to be blonde from dark hair, please allow multiple applications to achieve such a lighter look.
  • Look Book incorporates 5 total services in 1 single price. Please allow 3-4 hours for a completed look.
  • Up to $30 additional charges may apply based on hair length, density, and texture.
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