Are you having a hard time choosing your hair colorist? Or do you not have a colorist that works wonders with your hair? In this article, I will be sharing some valuable tips on how to choose the right hair colorist that you will be happy with for years to come and why it is so important to stay committed with your colorist once you have found the right one! People that know me also know that one of the main reasons I became a hair stylist is because I was having a VERY hard time finding someone that knew or understood how to work with my hair color and shaping of my hair cut. Almost everyone has that one thing that they would change or improve with their hair and I am one of them. Due to my small features, I LOVE big hair. I have found a few easy ways I can maintain my big fluffy hair. Here is a few tips on how to find your perfect stylist that will make you feel amazing every time!


Check their work.

Nowadays, most stylists post their work on social media, such as instagram, pinterest, or Facebook. Does their style of work fit your style? For example, at the salon, my staff and I focus mostly on natural looks, (click the link to see examples, meaning that it looks natural when someone else looks at your hair. It doesn’t look artificial and the blending is done to perfection.

Check for Proper Blending.

Check the way they blend the colors together, does it look seamless? Click here to see some before and after pics and look closely for lines of demarcation, A good colorist blends the colors together in a seamless way. This stays true for hair shaping, too. When hair is cut in a seamless way, you know the cut is good one.

Do they Analyze your Features?

He/she will analyze your features and will try different things within their own guideline of limitations to make sure to enhance your best features and make sure you look your best. For example, if you qualify and look good with warm caramel undertones, they will enhance these colors in a way for you to look amazing. A good stylist will give suggestions what colors work best to make your features stand out.

Do they Analyze your Hair?

He/she will always analyze your hair. A good hair colorist will want to look how your hair grows and how your pigmentations change with time and make notes of it for the next time you return.. With some people, pigments change more often than others. On some people, gray tends to get grayer faster and with some other hair types it grows out in spurts

Do they Improve your Look?

He/she will always create something for your needs to improve your look. Because hair changes very often it only makes sense to tweak once in awhile. We all go through emotional changes which is interconnected with the way we look. Don’t be afraid to ask your hair colorist or stylist about the topics we talked about. Always remember it is your hair and you will be living with it.

Are they Personable?

Does your stylist have an urge to learn about you? Because hair so personal, she/he will want to match your hair with your personality and most importantly will use this to enhance your look. For example, for someone that likes muted, natural looks it doesn’t make sense to use fantasy colors such as pink, blue, purple etc.. Unless it is a request for a dramatic look then she/he will work with it in a way to test first before you might go permanent with the color.

Are they Up to Date on the Latest Techniques?

He/she should be updated with the latest techniques in her/his industry. Online classes, local classes and hair shows are available all year around so it is very important to ask him/her when was the last time he/she attended color/cutting class. Once every year or every other year is a good frequency. Also, it is very important that they learn techniques with colorist and stylist that have been in the industry for a long time and have a good reputation. Learning just from anyone might not be so good. I teach my staff weekly or monthly depending on the look we are trying to achieve, to make sure they stay updated with the latest techniques.

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