Create Your Own Look


Create Your Own Look


When you go to a balayage hair salon, you want to leave with a look you love. To help us get an idea of what you’re looking for, follow the template below.


Firstchoose a desired base hair color. If you need help, our hair stylists can help you decide what base color will look best with your skin tone, either neutrals, coppers, golds, or chocolates.  Then choose your balayage placement.

After these steps are completed, we can tone, trim, and style as needed! 

Please note Up to $30 additional charges may apply based on hair length, density, and texture.





Gold Copper


Chocolate Matte

Chocolate Gold

Chocolate Red 


When searching for “balayage near me,” you will want to be sure to pick a hair salon that specializes in balayage as we do at our Birmingham hair salon.  If you’ve been searching for “Hair Salons Birmingham, Michigan” or “Balayage Near Me”, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Papillon Blanc Hair Salon. We would love to see you at Papillon Blanc, balayage hair salon today! 

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