Balayage Classes Monday July 1st 2019

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01 Jul 2019

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10:30 AM

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PB Hair Salon , Birmingham

Balayage Training Classes

Balayage blending and balayage lifting are different sides of the spectrum. And yet they both are most requested elements in the hair industry. With balayage blending, you don’t do a lot of lifting, and the opposite is true, and with balayage lifting, you don’t do much of a blending.

When you consult with the client, you will need to understand the look she wants for example clearly: if her goal is to have bright balayage highlights right at the roots, you will need to do the high lift right on the root.

Kind of similar to foiling but you are achieving with balayage instead. (which is much faster and trending) Trust me I know I had done the foiling system for years before I started to switch to balayage when I opened my balayage salon.

If the client wants to do blending from dark to light, you will need to do balayage for blending. So what is balayage for lifting and what is balayage for blending?



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Total Seat: 10
  • PB Hair Salon
  • 730 N Old Woodward Ave LL
  • Birmingham
  • Michigan
  • United States
  • Mon, 01 Jul 2019 10:30 AM - Mon, 01 Jul 2019 04:30 PM

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