Which Hair Color Suits Your Skin Tone Best


3 Easy Ways to Determine What Colors Look Best on Your Skin 


Have you ever wondered  after a color service why you looked pale, tired, and had to apply makeup to bring color back to your face? Chances are you chose the wrong hair color to compliment your skin tone.

Here are three factors to determine which hair color suits you:

  1. Eyebrows: Are your eyebrows lighter color or darker? Lighter eyebrow color is a good indicator that you look better as a medium or lighter color. Have your hair colorist create a color that is 1-2 shades lighter or darker to your eyebrow color. If your eyebrows are light, the hair color that suits your skin tone best is dark medium or light blonde. If your eyebrows are dark, brunette and also other tonalities (ex. Ombre), will suit your skin tone best.
  2. Eye Color: Complimenting your eye color to your hair color helps bring warmth to your face and creates a total, natural look. Look in the mirror and notice what other colors are in your eye? Red, orange-copper, yellow, white? Remember that all the colors in your eye  are the undertones that suites you the best.
  3. Baby Hair: Take queues from your first natural hair color. If you were blonde as a child, hair colors in variants of blonde are best for you. If your hair was dark, chocolate browns and other deep colors are ideal. Red hair indicates that any red hair color will give your skin the extra life and glow it needs.



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