I recently had a conversation with my new receptionist that was recently hired at my salon. He works during the day at the salon and attends beauty school in the evening. While at school he and other students had a disagreement about using balayage on the root area of the client. In school some students were claiming that they were only allowed to use balayage in the middle and at the ends of the hair shaft not on the root area at all.

I was puzzled and asked why are you not allowed to use balayage on the root area?He responded because students just won’t do it.



That comment made me think that some hairdressers might not fully understand the power of balayage and how effective and fast it can work


Hairdressers can create any look they can possibly imagine  using balayage. Whether you want to create pick a boo highlights or chunky, ot sunkissed , or ombre, or just simply to personalize it to each client, there is no wrong way to use balayage, if you understand it how it works.

 As long as you understand it’s fundamentals, there should be no limitations to using balayage CLick here to read about 5 Balayage fundamentals you will ever need


We are a balayage salon so it did not occur to me that hairdressers might have doubts about balayage. Also it did not occur to me the endless hair looks/styles that hairdressers can be achieved using just balayage.


Here is a question i want to challenge you with: If you would place a  foil on the root area why wouldn’t you place a balayage strand {the way we call it at salon, foliage}  on the root area as well?


Then it hit me and I said to him the following :

“Think of balayage more like a TOOL  that you can use to achieve 99.99% of all looks that a guest  shows you out of a picture or a catalog”

Here is the conclusion,

Balayage is a tool, NOT a look. The only way i can think of that a hairdresser would use balayage only inches out from the scalp and not on the root area it could be because they might

be trying to achieve a look .

Where the lighter pieces are placed  away from the root such as ombre or sombre.

Not because you are not allowed to.


Balayage is timeless – and limitless when used properly

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