Sometimes it can be difficult to find a hairdresser that is actually good. Here are few things to keep in mind  when looking for a hairdresser

1- A good hairdresser is “somebody that listens to you and takes the time out to listen to what you want, but also what you need. 1-

You do, however, need the combination of a good hairdresser and good salon near me.

What I mean by that is a salon owner (whether hairdresser or not) is key, as this is how the salon is run.

You can often find good hairdressers, but the business needs to be set up to allow the time hairdressers need with a client.

This can’t be rushed to simply get as many clients as possible through the door.”

at Pb hair salon we have a new service that stylist is dedicated to one person at the time

this means that your stylist will spend time with you and your hair  for the whole 3 1/2 hour at the hair salon


This is your first step to finding a good hairdresser—it’s your chance to feel things out.  “We always offer a free no-obligation consultation and crucially, not on the day of your appointment.

A consultation is your chance to see if you feel the hairdresser understands what you want.”

we also recommend booking the consultation in advance so that you’ll experience a smooth visit.

Consultation process should include :

The need of the customer.

How customers envision their new hair color.

History of their hair

What the expectations are.

Total price of the services customer will be receiving.

Timing spend in salon

Following up with the appointment

some customers don’t realize how often they’ll have to come in to maintain a style. they don’t realize what they might need salon visits for an appointment every month. That can then factor into their decision.

Also a good stylist will look at the velocity of the hair—how easily it will absorb colour, and the elasticity of the hair (how strong are the bonds are) and the percentage of grey, as this all affects how the colour comes out.

 I talk to clients about  their skin tones and the makeup they wear . This is important for your hairdresser to take into account. 


When looking for a salon, “Do your research. Look for someone in the speciality of what you want and your hair type.

If you love getting your hair up and want it put up every other week, look for someone who specializes in that.”

For those who want a specific look and style, such as a balayage,  or ombre is important of seeking out a specialist in the specific field.

“In general, a recommendation is always good, but if not, type into Google ‘hairdresser’, your location and, say, ‘ombré specialist.’ or balayage specialist



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