1 Hour Free Balayage Class



COMING SOON   Dates will be announced @balaygangsta . Follow and stay tune!

$20 registration fee will be refunded upon your completion. Limited seating


So are you ready to learn balayage and take your coloring skills to the next level?

Learn seamless painting method. Avoid painting mistakes that most stylists do. Whether you are just starting to paint or you have used balayage before and have not gotten the results you were hoping for. Leaning balayage fundamentals and applying them correctly is most important part of your painting. Use seamless painting methods that experienced hair professionals use.


To reserve you seat $20 (refundable) is requires.

Because we want to make sure that you are serious about learning. We require $20 to reserve your seat. It  will be refunded back to you the day of your class. In this free event we will talk about

A short introduction to balayage theory,  demonstration and hands on!

Learn why it is important to apply the 3 main of balayage pillars such as:

1- Blending

2- Hi-lifting 

3- Maintaining clean work area & focus 


Learn why these pillars have their own obstacles and rewards. Learn the high concepts of  balayage in a way that improves your balayaging skills and accelerate your way of painting almost instantly. 

What should you bring for this class?

Your self with a tremendous eager to learn attitude , a pen and a paper to take your notes. In this class you will utilize our products on our mannequin. See you in class 🙂


Click here to read 5 most important fundamentals when you are bakayaging are https://pbhairsalon.com/balayage-education-workshop/


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