It is very common for us to see clients that have tried other salons in our community that have left them frustrated, unsatisfied, and even hopeless on achieving their ultimate hair color goals. How many times have you heard your own clientele come in saying, “My hair is a mess. This is not what I asked for at the last salon I went to. CAN YOU FIX THIS!?” As a professional colorist, your ultimate mindset is “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” And hopefully you fulfill your clients wildest hair desires or else you will end up their next horror hair story. 

In this blog post, I have refined the (never-ending) list of skills a professional hair colorist should implement in their daily hair color artistry! At my salon (@PBHairSalon), I have come to find that when you have developed and successfully practiced THESE 4 SKILLS,  MOST BENEFICIAL SKILLS FOR YOU TO PRACTICE AS A MASTER COLORIST.

    1. THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND – For just a moment, put yourself in your client’s shoes. They chose YOU out of all surrounding hair salons and stylists… They are coming to see you because they are looking for the right answers regarding their hair issues and they want to see results! Just as your client should feel comfortable asking you questions regarding your personal plan for their hair, it is just as important for you as the master colorist to ask your client questions as well! Confirm and reconfirm what THEY want to achieve with their hair color! As a salon owner and color specialist, being able to deliver the best results on your clients’ hair, you must first master the ability to TRULY UNDERSTAND them and their hair needs.2THE
    2. ABILITY TO FORMULATE THE PERFECT HAIR COLOR – After you have discussed and rediscussed with your client exactly what they are trying to achieve with their hair color, it is up to you to create the IDEAL color concoction. @PBHairSalon, we are not only covering our clients’ greys; we decide and suggest the hair color that will best suit their skin tone and even their facial features. As a colorist, I want my clients’ to leave my salon with a formulated color that gives them many options and the flexibility to do more with their hair in the future than they ever have! WITHOUT DAMAGE!
    3. THE ABILITY TO DELIVER (EXACTLY) WHAT YOUR CLIENT ASKS FOR – Throughout my 16 years of experience in the everchanging hair industry as a salon owner and master stylist/colorist, I have seen a lot – the good, bad, and the mediocre… If you cannot deliver what your client wants in one appointment, formulate a hair color correcting plan of action! Explain to them your concerns regarding their hair goals and how long/what process it will take to make those hair color goals reality. Make sure you are clear and concise when you communicate with your clients’! I cannot stress this enough! If you are known as a social butterfly and are all over the place with client consultations, make sure to have clarity with your client. Give them some peace of mind and deliver exactly what is being asked of your expertise otherwise that client will not be returning and you will be nothing more than a “hair conversationalist”… And ANYONE, can be one of those. 
    4. THE ABILITY TO PROVIDE GUIDANCE WITH  AFTER-COLOR UPKEEP CARE USING THE RIGHT PRODUCTS – Let’s be real, not all shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, dry shampoos, etc. are the same. Just because the bottle says “For Color Treated Hair” does not mean that you should be using it on your client or pushing them to purchase it. After each color treatment, re-evaluate your client’s hair status and tailor hair products that would best suit their hair-type. For example, some color treated shampoos+conditioners are very thick and goopy. For some hair types (ie. fine-textured hair), this type of shampoo+conditioner can be overwhelming on your customer’s hair making it flat and oily. Make sure to use and recommend the right product that suits each of your client’s hair types and colors personally.



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