Fall is right around the corner, and that means a lot of you are looking to freshen up your locks with a new cut and color. We have seen some of these fall color trends before (thankfully, beautiful hair never goes out of style), and some are brand new. However, one thing is certain. While past hair color trends have involved cool, ashy, and even silvery tones, this year is all about embracing the warmth. This fall, expect to see more people turning away from the purple shampoos and white-blonde hair and turning toward a warmer color palette.

Icy Blonde

Alright, trends haven’t swayed completely away from icy locks. Thankfully, this look works perfectly no matter what season it is. Channel your inner Elsa and rock this white-blonde look. To fit the trend, you can follow up with a silver toner and be sure to use a purple shampoo to avoid yellowness. This look will make you feel like a snow princess during the cold winter months, and you’ll be ahead of the trend if you complete this look during fall.

Buttery Blonde

Just as bright as icy blonde but a little less intense! If the thought of walking around with a head full of white hair scares you, start the transition with a warm buttery blonde color. This is a great option to embrace for people who have had trouble cooling down natural warm tones in their hair. Not quite brassy, warm buttery blonde hair embraces your natural undertones and cuts down on your cost of all that purple shampoo.

Reds and Auburns

The leaves won’t be the only things turning red this fall. All shades of auburn are in this year. From brunette that is so deep you can only see the red when the sun hits it to pale brick color that can nearly be classified as strawberry blonde, red and auburn hair is universally flattering. Ask your hairstylist which shade of auburn will best complement your skin tone, whether it’s a rusty red, a deep wine color, or cinnamon.

Rich Brown

While people who lean toward auburn hair might look great with a cup of hot apple cider in their hand, those who want to embrace a deep brunette color might tend toward a mug of hot cocoa. The key to this trend is creating hair that is so rich it’s sweet. Whether that looks like a mousy milk chocolate for you or a deep brown with maple syrup highlights, these rich brown colors are good enough to eat! Our favorite look we’re loving this year is the newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle, whose deep brown locks are highlighted with the tiniest sweet caramel strands.

Need To Update Your Color? We Can Help

One of the best ways to incorporate a new color is with balayage. Check out our balayage lookbook to see how you can try these fad colors out for yourself. Give us a call at (248) 385-1227 or schedule an appointment online to set up a color consultation and appointment!

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