DSC01005At Papillon Blanc Salon, we specialize in balayage hair color. If you’ve been searching the internet for “salons that do balayage near me,” then you’ve come to the right place! Located in Birmingham, Michigan, we are one of the top balayage salons in the Detroit area. Our hair stylists specifically train in the art of balayage in order to give you the color and style you want.

So it comes as no surprise that we are passionate about hair! There are a lot of hair care myths floating around that were passed down from our mothers and their mothers before them. Today, we want to add some truth to these myths! Keep reading to learn the facts about five major hair myths, or get in touch with PB Salon to schedule a balayage hair appointment!

5 Hair Care Myths

Myth: Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

This is one of the most common hair care rumors out there. Hair grows from our scalp, meaning whatever we do to the ends of it won’t affect how quickly it grows. However, regular trims every 4-8 weeks can snip off split ends. Split ends make your hair look frayed, thin, and unhealthy. So while a little dusting off the ends won’t make your hair magically look like Rapunzel’s, it will improve the overall quality and appearance of your hair.

However, to support strong, healthy hair, you can take a multivitamin, biotin or folic acid supplement, or simply eat a healthy, vitamin-packed diet. All of these are believed to help hair grow strong and healthy.

Myth: If you pluck one gray hair, two more will grow back.

Actually, if you pluck a gray hair, you just have one less hair on your head until that follicle regenerates and grows back – gray again. This myth most likely originated because people, in a mad frenzy, would pluck the first gray hair they saw. Before they knew it, their head would be covered in gray hairs! Of course, this is nothing other than the natural aging process.

Plucking hair repeatedly can actually make the hair that replaces it grow back weaker, over time. It’s the same reason why women who wax their body hair for years eventually stop growing hair in those places.

Myth: You need to brush your hair 100 times a day.

Maybe this worked for women of the past who were confined to the home to raise children, but modern women will say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to this advice. Brushing your hair actually is good for it. It helps to pull the moisturizing oils in your scalp down to the ends and stimulate blood flow to your scalp. However, brushing it too much could unnecessarily pull out hairs.Just brush your hair until the tangles are out and call it a day!

Myth: Hair dye will damage your hair.

At one point this was true of all hair dyes. Hair dyes, both professional and boxed, used to contain awful chemicals that made them a lot harsher than they are today with no attempt at actually treating the hair. These days, professional hair salons typically use products that are designed to limit the amount of damage. Generally, if you are going darker, the dye will not damage your hair. However, going lighter and bleaching does cause some damage – though, moderation and a professional hair stylist is key to ensuring the health of your hair! We’ll call this myth half-busted!

Myth: Box dye is just as good as salon dye.

Not only is box dye more damaging to your hair than salon dye (it doesn’t contain all the nutritional and moisturizing elements that salon dye has, which is why it is so cheap), but it is also a bigger risk when you do at-home dye. Our color specialists at PB Salon have spent years and years training, practicing, and educating themselves on the art of hair coloring and color correction. We use hair color that compliments your skin tone, and we can tell how the color will react with your hair. Maybe a color on a box of hair dye looks nice, but you never know what it will look like on your hair.

For Healthy, Strong Hair Choose Papillon Blanc Salon

We use only the best products to ensure we don’t do any irreparable damage to your hair. When you choose PB Salon, you know you are stepping into one of the best balayage salons near Detroit, and that our color specialists will have you looking like the queen you are. Be sure to check out our lookbook of styles from our balayage studio, and schedule with one of our hair stylists today!

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